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PSCR Podcast:


PSCR079 mixed by Dennis Bauer is out now exclusive on soundcloud ! 


1.Dolby D, Daniela Rhodes - Insidious Cops (Ketno Remix)
2.Dennis Bauer - Dance Whit Me (Original Mix)
3.Sall, Antonio D'Africa - Flowing Light (Extended Version)
4.Emiliano Cassano - REPLIKA (Dennis Bauer Remix)
5.Dennis Bauer - Neverland (Original Mix)
6.RanchaTek - Asterism (Extended Version)
7.T78, AKKI (DE) - New World (Original Mix)
8.Dennis Bauer - Moments (N.O.B.A Remix)
9.Drumcomplex, Uncertain - Work the Bass (Original Mix) 
10.Dolby D - Blazetars (N.O.B.A Remix) 
11.Dok & Martin - Transition (Original Mix) 
12.Don Weber, Mha Iri - My Body (Original Mix) 
13.Niereich - Underground Funk (REMY-X Remix)
14.Deborah De Luca, F-Rontal - Abraxas (Original Mix) 
15.Greg Notill - Essential T6 (Extended Version) 
16.Dok & Martin - Collision (Original Mix) 
17.Mechanic Freakz, Nimatekk - Paranoid (Dennis Bauer Remix)

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